Our Team

1489780995068Brad Bauman
Founder & CEO

Brad is the Founder and CEO at Harta where he directs all things communication and PR. He is the former executive director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus where he oversaw its legislative, communications and political operations. He has also been the communications director for various members of Congress and Congressional campaigns. What this means is that his beautiful face will often appear on TV and that his loud personality is perfectly suited for D.C.

Some of his accomplishments include organizing members of Congress to pressure President Obama to raise the minimum wage for millions of federal contractors and founding Progressive Action PAC, the first PAC associated with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Upcoming accomplishments include creating the world’s tastiest red sauce—he’s been working on it for 10 years—and perfecting a distinguished Tonkatsu Ramen broth. When these are official, he will update this profile.

He holds a B.A. in political science from Florida International University and an M.A. in political management from The George Washington University.

IMG_3524.JPGAli Javery
Senior Associate

Ali is a Senior Associate with Harta Communications and is the primary contact for four of Harta’s clients: Indivisible, the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, the Sister District Project, and the National Coalition on Health Care. She as been with the firm since its founding in July of 2018. As a senior associate, Ali tracks down reporters at Capitol Hill receptions, runs communications trainings for on-the-ground state staff, drafts and edits writing content, and formulates strategy for her clients.

Prior to joining Harta, she worked for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse as a Communications Assistant for two years, collecting daily press clips and working with local Rhode Island reporters. She also worked closely with the office digital media team and with the Senate Democratic Media Center. She also worked with Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Connecticut General Assembly.

Ali earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minors in Women’s Studies and Entrepreneurship from the University of Connecticut. She is in her last semester at   Johns Hopkins University, and will be graduating in August with Master’s Degree in Communications and concentrations in Political Communications and Public Relations. On the weekends, you can find her crushing it at the gym, binge shopping for snacks at Costco, trying to find the best mimosa in DC, or baking the best apple pie you’ve ever had.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.48.58 PM.pngEmily Slatkow
Senior Associate

Emily joined Harta Communications as a Senior Communications Consultant in November of 2018. She is the primary for four of Harta’s clients: Action Network, the DLCC, Run for Something, and Jon Hoadley for Congress. During Emily’s time with Harta Communications, she has assisted with the successful execution of a panel discussion at RootsCamp, has run successful launch events, has built relationships with reporters, has garnered earned media, and has executed the planning of a large launch event for one of her clients.

Prior to working with Harta Communications, Emily handled communications and event planning for Chief Executives Organization, utilizing her keen sense of detail and communications skills to secure interesting resources to speak at events and ensuring that all communications coming from the organization were clear, cohesive, and errorless.

Emily’s passion for political activism and communications stems back to her experience working directly with campaigns and organizations like the 2012 Obama Campaign, Ruth’s List FL, Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, and Sierra Club. Emily received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. On any given day, you can find her scaling a rock climbing wall or taking pictures of her fluffy and incredibly photogenic cat, Bowie.

Anya Shelton

Junior Associate

Anya is joining Harta Communications in May 2019 and will be working as a Junior Associate. She is the secondary contact for three of Harta’s clients: the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, Sister District, and the National Coalition on Health Care. Anya specializes in assisting on social media projects, maintaining relationships with reporters, and pitching stories.

She is an alumna of George Mason University with a love of DC and all things PR. She is a self-proclaimed “military brat” who grew up overseas in Europe for 12 years. Before Harta, she worked as an intern for Buffalo.Agency, a sports marketing agency based in Reston, VA. Outside of work, Anya likes to explore the city and try to map out the top vegetarian restaurants in the area!

Erika Gulija 

Junior Associate

Erika is a Junior Communications Associate at Harta Communications, and she is secondary contact for three of Harta’s clients: Indivisible, Action Network, and Run for Something. Prior to joining the Harta Communications team, she worked for several progressive nonprofits and democratic campaigns. Most recently, she was part of the communications team that lead to the historic election of the nation’s first openly gay governor. In addition to her experience in progressive politics, Erika holds degrees in Journalism and International Affairs from the University of Colorado.

Dan Shaw

Junior Associate

Dan Shaw is a Junior Associate with Harta Communications and is the secondary contact for three of Harta’s clients, the DLCC, Labor Table, and Jon Hoadley for Congress. Dan began his political activism in 2014 as an intern for a congressional race on Long Island, New York. Working on state and federal campaigns every cycle since then, Dan chose to work for progressive candidates who shared his vision, while honing his skills in campaign planning and strategy. As a DCCC fellow and graduate of SUNY Albany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy; Dan has dedicated his professional, academic and personal life to becoming a political operative capable of curving corporate influence in American elections, guaranteeing access to healthcare, combating wealth inequality and ushering in a new era of government aid to disenfranchised and under supported communities.

When Dan is not on the job, he is on an active search for the best barbeque joint in the United States or arguing with close friends about the importance of rum to American history. He is also a lover of professional sports and does not like a single sports team from his home state. Go Bruins, Raptors, Bears and Dodgers!


Samantha Perry

Sam is a Communications & Advocacy Intern with Harta Communications and helps produce content for six of Harta’s clients: the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, the Sister District Project, Action Network, the National Coalition on Health Care, Run for Something, and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

Sam is relatively new to the firm, she has been with us since January of 2019. As our intern, Sam assists Brad, Emily, and Ali in their day-to-day tasks by pitching to reporters, drafting and editing content, compiling press clips, and helping amplify the voices of our clients to make the world a better place.

Prior to joining Harta, Sam worked for the Fiber Optic Group as a Media Design Intern for 4 years, developing the company’s website and keeping information up to date.

Sam earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. She also received her minors in Media Studies, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, and Social Change from the University of Colorado Boulder.

On the weekends, you can find her nerding out at the Air and Space Museum or petting any dog in sight. She is also an advocate for bottomless brunches, eggs Benedict, and thrift shopping.